LCR-100 - Attitude and Heading Reference System

Culminating more than a decade of Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) research and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) development, NG LITEF is introducing a new generation of its Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) family.

The weight, volume and power consumption of this FOG AHRS are one-third that of a comparable system fitted with mechanical gyros. The system provides an excellent reliability. The LCR-100 is a direct replacement for the prior generation LCR-92 and LCR-93, providing higher performance and enhanced features.

Based on the high accuracy of its sensors the LCR-100 is capable of self-aligning (gyro compassing) and does not require magnetic sensors for heading alignment. The modularity of the LCR-100 also allows the integration of external or embedded GPS. When GPS is provided, the "hybrid" output supplies a blended position solution meeting IRS navigation standards.

Due to it's outstanding features the LCR-100 Gyrocompass AHRS is the perfect solution for all applications whenever high performance and safety is required. In addition the LCR-100 helps to reduce the total cost of ownership.

The product is widely used in turboprops, business jets, IFR helicopters, Regional aircraft and military COTS applications. The LCR-100 is valued by airframe OEMs as a new fit solution, and also by aircraft operators as a Retrofit AHRS solution.

Datasheet LCR-100

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